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Fishing is a passion for many people. All over the world Generation handing down to generation of fisherperson, fishing has been a tradition, a job, a hobby and more but most of all for many, a passion. Fishing is one of those things that most everyone in the world can all relate to. It may very well be one of the things that bond all of us young. old, near or far.

The world has many areas to fish. Two thirds of this magnificent planet is coverd by water. There in lies the fishing. Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Bays, Estuaries, Streams, Ponds, Marshes, Gulfs, and Seas. Fishing is done by hand, rod, fly rod, net and many other creative ways to produce a catch or angle a trophy. Some catch and release others feed families, neighbors or local and abroad seafood markets. Either way they all share the common bond of fishing.


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